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Developing an IT Strategy : The Definitive Guide

Today every company is a technology business or at least a technology-enabled enterprise.  The pervasiveness of IT across all facets of business makes it a strategic imperative for creating an effective IT Strategy (Information Technology Strategy) and Roadmap for an enterprise.

Given the criticality, creating an IT Strategy and building an IT Roadmap should be a focus area for every CIO (Chief Information Officer) and senior technology leadership.

In this definitive guide to developing an IT Strategy and Transformation Roadmap, we will dive deep into all facets of creating the IT strategy document including why an IT strategy is necessary, what an IT strategy document is, how to develop an enterprise IT strategy, and more importantly how to execute on the plan and measure success.

In most large companies, creating an IT Strategy and Roadmap is an annual ritual, and several teams and individuals allocate a significant amount of time creating pretty IT Strategy PowerPoint documents.  In fact, in our experience of working with several firms in drafting IT strategy and Roadmaps, what we feel is many of the IT Strategy documents are an aspirational exercise full of highfaluting goals and strategies, most of which don’t see the light of the day. So, how do you craft an IT strategy (or technology strategy or IT Strategic Plan), in a way that is not only cohesive and compelling but also actionable?

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